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Campus-BMC and corona

Keep distance and wash your hands often.

If you show the least symptoms of illness, you should stay at home.

Within BMC, there are now more ways to get in and out of the house, at the start of the new term. As a student you must follow the signs and instructions that are available. As a rule, entrance to the A-entrance and exit to the C-entrance apply either via a ramp gate in the basement or entrance on the ground floor.

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BMC is located at the old artillery field, in the block namned "Rosendal", just opposite the old military campus of Uppsala (see map) . Address of the building is Husargatan 3.

BMC harbours scientific research and education in area such as biology, chemistry, medicine, pharmacy and social sciences.

The main part of the research departments belongs to Uppsala University.

The BMC Campus Management is responisble for the common facilities and premises.

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