Restaurant Bikupan

At campus Biomedical Center you can have lunch with us, at Restaurang Bikupan. Two delicious main courses are served here every day, of which at least one is plant based. We always think a little extra about the raw materials. It should be as healthy, Swedish and organic as possible. In the salad bar, at least half of the ingredients are eco-labeled and the beans are localy produced. We bake the bread ourselves.


Wall clock in the coffeshop

Café Bikupan

Café Bikupan

Recharge with lunch and coffee in Café Bikupan.

Next to the restaurant in Uppsala Biomedicinska centrum you will find our café. Here you can sit and buzz after lunch over an organic and Fairtrade-labeled coffee or two. If you have not eaten lunch, you will find nice salads, well-filled sandwiches and grilled focaccia with us. Take a break with a sandwich, energizing bar or homemade smoothie.

The customer / student card makes life better

It should pay to be a regular customer at University Restaurants. With our customer / student card, you get a discount on today's lunch. You can charge the card here on the website or directly on your mobile, with anything from SEK 300. If you choose to charge the card at a restaurant or café, the minimum amount is SEK 500. To see the balance, bank statement and to be able to block your card, you must register it.


Last modified: 2021-09-17