Parking at BMC

At BMC there are about 530 parking spaces.

Parking for the disabled is available adjacent to entrances A11, B1, C2 and C11.

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Parkeringskarta BMC

Parking spaces with electricity

During the period 1/11 - 31/3, employees at BMC have the opportunity to rent an unreserved parking space with an electric terminal for engine heaters for a special fee. To order, contact Aimo Park AB,

Parkering D2

Parking fees

At BMC, two different parking fees apply where TAXA 2 is a so-called staff fee.

Ticketless parking. Enter the registration number of the vehicle in the machine and choose whether you like to receive the receipt by SMS or e-mail. Debit card only.
 A valid access card to Uppsala University allows TAXA 2.

You can also park with the Aimo (earlier MobilPark) app. Taxa 2 is availible in the app thru Joint Web Log-in (usaername + Password A).

Guest lecturers / teachers at Uppsala University can if needed buy a dayticket in the Reception for BMC's parking on the day in question. Although we recommend that you use the App or Parkingmachine when possible.

The parking spaces are owned by Akademiska Hus and administered by the parking company Aimo Park AB.

The ticket must be placed clearly visible in the windscreen.

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Last modified: 2023-09-05