Find your way at BMC


Public entrances are A11:1 and C11:1, by the large parking lot at Dag Hammarskjöldsväg, C7:2 from Husargatan och A8:1 from Norra vägen.

Designations of the rooms


The picture above describes how a room number is structured

Line A (A1-A11) faces north and the city center. Lines 0 and 1 (D0, A1, B1, C1, D1) face the city forest to the west. Line 11 (A11, B11, C11, D11) faces east where the large car park and Dag Hammarskjölds väg are located and line D (D0-D11) faces south where Husargatan runs.


Public lanes

BMC has two public lanes, line A, level 1 from A1 to A11, and line C, level 3, from C1 to C9. Cross-connections between these lines are found at B3 level 0, B7 level 1 and B1 level 0.

Skylt B7 plan 3     Above each house body/corridor door there are round signs. This sign indicates that you are on the 3rd floor and that you will enter house B7.



Last modified: 2021-04-29