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Information for students at BMC

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Access to BMC premises

Group rooms at BMC must be booked

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As a student, you can book group rooms between 8:00 and 20:00. You can book 2 weeks ahead and a maximum of 12 hours a week. Maximum 4 hours each time and 8 hours in a day.

Keep distance and respect the instructions on the number of people allowed in each room.

Book group room here

As a student at BMC, you are entitled to park at the lower rate (TAXA 2) in BMC's car parks. To be eligible for the fee, use your access card / Campus card. If you pay with the app, choose Taxa 2 and use web log in.

Copying / printing
To be able to copy / print / scan, you need to create a print account and register a debit card or a print voucher that you buy at the reception in B7: 1. You can connect your access card to the printing system so that you do not have to log in to the printer every time you want to print. Read more here about how to proceed.

Silent reading places Male student studying
New silent reading places are available at C6:1 

Lunch rooms
Lunch rooms for students are available in A1:2, A3:2,
B3:0, C4:3, A7:0 and A7:2. Rooms are equipped
with microwaves and refrigerators.
In BMC's restaurant Bikupan and Bikupan's café,
t is not allowed to eat food that you bring yourself.

Lost and Found
Many lost items are handed in at BMC's reception. Valuables are stored for 14 days before being sent to the police. Found bank cards are cut in half at the end of the day and sent directly to the bank.

There are four public showers at the far end of the toilet group in A11: 0.

Resting room
There are two resting rooms to be used in the event of a sudden illness or personal crisis. They are located at C11: 001c and A9:014b. They are equipped with locks. Employees normally have a key that goes to the resting room through their office or lab key. Students can borrow a key at BMC's reception. ID cards are required to leave as a deposit. To indicate that the room is occupied, a red light must come on during the time the room is used.

Stilla rum på BMCSerenity room 
At BMC there is a serenity room at A8: 022b, and is non-religious. The room is without telephone, group work table and requirements for performance and accessibility. A quiet place for the visitor's own thoughts where mobile phones and sounds are banned. Here, students and staff can relax for a while and seek a few minutes of silence away from demands and stress. Serenity rooms at Uppsala University are inspired by the  meditation room that Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld established in the UN House in New York in 1957.


The lockers are not bookable and each student is responsible for what is stored in the locker. The lockers are located in locked changing rooms in the A-corridor level 0. Lab coats should be stored in cabinets when you are not in the lab. Valuables should be kept under surveillance or locked in lockers. The student arranges padlocks himself. There are padlocks for sale in BMC's reception in B7: 1. In case of lost key, contact the reception!

On 1 July, all cabinets must be emptied (see dates posted in the Cabinet Room). Locked cabinets after 1 July will be emptied. Valuables are handed over to the police after 14 days. Leftover lab coats are left for incineration for safety reasons.

Course administrations

Information about courses, possible schedules and course administrators can be obtained via the course administration at the course-giving department. You can also contact Central Studentservices.

For more information about your courses, log in to Studium

See the list for interdisciplinary course administrations at BMC.

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