For the comfort of us all             Booking of Mötestorget 

"Spikning" of your dissertation   Digital screen and data projector

The idea behind Mötestorget is to encourage various kinds of meetings between the different research disciplines within SciLifeLab. It is made up of the open area on the ground floor in Navet, and is often used for mingling events, lunches, poster sessions and exhibitions.

Mötestorget is also used by staff and members of the SciLifeLab community for lunch and coffee breaks, meaning that there might be other people there during booked events. Mötestorget is booked (free of charge) via lokalbokning@scilifelab.uu.se, which is necessary to avoid events clashing.

Digital screen and data projector

At mötestorget, there are digital screens and data projectors which can be used for events and meetings. For more information

For the comfort of us all

The person responsible for the booking is obliged to make sure that mötestorget is tidy and clean when leaving.

  • Cleaning: All surfaces should be wiped clean and nothing should be left behind, such as food, beverages and waste.
  • Washing the dishes: Either by hand or by using the dishwasher.
  • Furnishing: The area must be restored according to the drawings and left tidy. 

Any additional cleaning must be ordered and paid for by the booker. Cleaning is ordered from the cleaning unit: lokalvarden@bmc.uu.se.

The booker may be charged with a cleaning fee in case of neglectance of the above.

Booking of Mötestorget

Mötestorget is used by employees as a staff area and meeting place for larger groups. In cases where something out of the ordinary is to happen, this should be notified to coordinator Maria Bäckström, lokalbokning@scilifelab.uu.se to avoid unwanted collisions.

For activities in Navet, it is assumed that everything takes place in line with current rules and guidelines for Uppsala University.

See more information: Rules of order and safety when renting mötestorget in Navet

”Spikning” of your dissertation

SciLifeLab researchers can choose Navet for “spikning” of their dissertation. There is a cabinet, with a board made out of oak, placed by the lunch area on the ground floor for this purpose. The researcher hammers his/her nail into the board, write his/her name by the nail and places the dissertation on the shelf below. Nail and hammer have to be brought.

For arrangements regarding “spikning” , contact lokalbokning@scilifelab.uu.se


All catering of food and beverages is organized by the booker. One suggestion is to contact the BMC restaurant, Bikupan, via catering.uppsala@hors.seCoffee, tea and water is allowed in all rooms except for Trippelrummet. For lunch, booking Mötestorget is recommended. There is a refrigerator and a freezer in the catering kitchen on the ground floor, which can be used for storage.

Last modified: 2021-06-23