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The meeting rooms in Navet are available for doctoral-level meetings only. For undergraduate and Master’s level activities and meetings, contact

The person responsible for the booking is obliged to follow the instructions posted outside the room, and may be charged a cleaning fee in case of neglectance. Coffee, tea and water is allowed in all rooms except for Trippelrummet. Lunch can be arranged at Mötestorget or in Restaurant Bikupan.


  • Leave the room in good condition, empty and tidy.
  • Clean the table with a damp cloth if necessary.
  • Throw all trash in the bin.
  • Place the chairs close into the table.
  • Clean the white-/blackboard.
  • Turn off the electronic equipment and lights.

Bookable meeting rooms

All meeting rooms in Navet are equipped with Wi-Fi, wired network connection, whiteboard or blackboard, data projector, LED display and telephone conference system

(E10:1307-E10:1309 can be booked as one large room for about 92 people, or as three separate rooms)

Navet prices and equipment

Meeting room plans


The meeting rooms can be booked by all employees at Uppsala University via TimeEdit, except for the triple rooms on the 1st floor (E10: 1307, E10: 1308 and E10: 1309) which are booked via

For questions about TimeEdit, please refer to

Booking via TimeEdit (for UU employees) Open: Log in via CAS. (Use your UU ID and password).

There is also a guide on how to book premises via TimeEdit. Meeting room debiting is handled via TimeEdit. TimeEdit invoices the department / equivalent for each full hour started (eg 12: 30-13: 30 for two hours).

Booking for you who are not a UU employee: send a booking request to

Access to Navet 

Those who do not have access to Navet need to receive a temporary access card from coordinator Maria Bäckström, room E10: 1205, tel: 471 4194, mobile: 070-999 9269. See Access to Navet.

NOTE! For the triple rooms on the 1st floor, a temporary access card is always needed to enter.

Equipment in the meeting rooms

All rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi, wired network connection, whiteboard / blackboard, data projector / LED screen and extension for telephone conferences.

In E10:4308 there is an interactive screen and an E-meeting system.

E10: 2309 and E10: 3309 also have video conferencing equipment. It is also possible to book a document camera and equipment for a telephone conference via Please notify in good time before the meeting that additional equipment is needed.

E10: 3102 (see picture) is a Brainstorming room for creative meetings. In addition to the equipment above, there is also access to materials for increased creativity.

Standing table with 4 high stools.


Video conference is available in room E10: 2309 an E10: 3309, booked in TimeEdit as a regular meeting room. The charge for these rooms is higher than other meeting rooms, regardless of whether the video conference is used or not.

SciLifeLab has no "stand-by" technician for video conferencing assistance. It is the booker's responsibility to get informed about the technology. Note that before videoconferencing, it is important to check that the caller's technology is compatible with the equipment in the meeting room. If a technical review is needed, you must notify no later than 10 working days before the conference so we can agree on an opportunity for a technical review. SciLifeLab has the Cisco TelePresence SX20 equipment.

To call in to the Video Conference on the 2nd floor (E10: 2309), the SIP address is used: To call in to the Video Conference on floor 3 (E10: 3309), the SIP address is used:

Trippelrummet (The Triple room)

Trippelrummet (the Triple room) consists of three separate rooms with soundproof partition walls. The rooms can be used separately or together.
For additional information and sketches of possible furnishing, see:
Hire of Trippelrummet

About the furnishing in Trippelrummet

E10:1307 can accommodate 16 people, E10:1308 20 people and E10:1309 24 people. Trippelrummet can be opened up to a wide-open space, and theater or seminar seating can be arranged.  Using theater seating and removing the partition walls, the room fits up to 92 people, and using seminar seating, it fits up to 48. Other furnishing than standard (three separate rooms) must be requested when booking. Two hours before and two hours after the requested booking time, will be added to the booking for furnishing.

Access for visitors to Trippelrummet

To access Trippelrummet, you need an access card.
For more information, see Access to Navet

Last modified: 2022-05-06