Practical information

C11 entrance reception desk

The reception desk at the C11 entrance is unmanned. Visitors are recommended to make an appointment with their host in Navet, or call the host upon arrival. Note that the red phone by the reception desk can only be used for internal university calls.

Wireless network and Guest-ID

The wireless networks UpUnet-S and Eduroam are available in Navet. Eduroam can be used by employees and visitors from other universities and educational institutions. UpUnet-S can be used by UU employees, guests with Guest-IDs and students at UU and SLU. UU employees can create up to five temporary Guest-IDs, valid for 1-7 days, via Medarbetarportalen. For more than five Guest-IDs, contact prior to the event.

Room sign template

To make a sign for a work room in Navet, use this template (word pdf )

Cleaning up after events

When booking an event in Navet, you are obliged to help keep it tidy. Please keep the following in mind.

  • Cleaning: All surfaces should be wiped clean and food, beverages and waste should be disposed of. There are special bins in the basement for waste, cans and bottles.
  • Washing the dishes: Either by hand or by using the dishwasher.
  • Furnishing: The area must be restored according to the drawings and left clean and tidy. 

The booker may be charged with a cleaning fee in case of neglectance of the above.

The lunch areas are used every day, and everyone using them are obliged to to wipe the table clean when needed and place their used crockery and cutlery, including coffee cups, in the dishwasher.

  • We all help out with closing the dishwasher in the evening so that the preset program can run.
  • We all help out with, if needed, starting and emptying the dishwasher.

Our coffee is made from KRAV and Fairtrade labeled dark roasted Arabica beans, and the milk is 100 % milk powder without additives.
The cost for coffee and tea consumption is divided between all departments at BMC, according to calculated key figures.

Delivery of parcels and goods to SciLifeLab
Parcels and goods delivered to SciLifeLab must be clearly marked with the name and department of the receiver.

Delivery address
BMC Godsmottagning
Husargatan 3
752 37 UPPSALA