Trippelrummet (The Triple room)

Trippelrummet (the Triple room) consists of three separate rooms with soundproof partition walls. The rooms can be used separately or together.
For additional information and sketches of possible furnishing, see:
Information and conditions for rental of Trippelrummet in Navet

About the furnishing in Trippelrummet

E10:1307 can accommodate 16 people, E10:1308 20 people and E10:1309 24 people. Trippelrummet can be opened up to a wide-open space, and theater or seminar seating can be arranged.  Using theater seating and removing the partition walls, the room fits up to 92 people, and using seminar seating, it fits up to 48. Other furnishing than standard (three separate rooms) must be requested when booking. Two hours before and two hours after the requested booking time, will be added to the booking for furnishing.

Access for visitors to Trippelrummet

To access Trippelrummet, you need an access card.
For more information, see Access to Navet