How to book a meeting room

Booking in TimeEdit (for UU employees)

All meeting rooms can be booked by UU employees via TimeEdit, except for Trippelrummet on the 1st floor, (E10:1307, E10:1308 and E10:1309) which is booked via For questions about TimeEdit, please contact


Log in via CAS. (Use your UU-ID and password). There is also a guide on how to book rooms via TimeEdit.

The billing of the booking is handled via TimeEdit. The charge is calculated per every commenced clock hour (e.g. 12:30-13:30 is two hours).

Booking for non UU employees

Send your booking request to

Access to Navet – temporary card

Those who do not have access to Navet need to collect a temporary access card.
Please contact Maria Bäckström, (room E10:1205,
phone: 018 471 4194, mobile: 072 999 9269) in this matter.

NOTE! To enter Trippelrummet on the 1st floor, a temporary access card is always needed.