New parking meters


Beginning the week of 27 September, Akademiska Hus, Aimo Park and Uppsala University will start to upgrade the parking meters at the University’s carparks.

This is because the existing parking meters do not meet current standards for card transactions. Moreover, they have reached the end of their working life, since replacement parts are no longer made for these meters.

For users, the purely practical difference in future will be that they will not have to display a ticket on their dashboard. Instead, you enter the car’s licence plate number on the meter’s touch screen. Contact-free payments will also be possible, i.e. you blip your card and, if required, enter a PIN code for your purchase on a PIN pad.

Access card readers for Tariff 2 customers will be replaced by more modern-looking card readers that will function in the same way as previously. Instructions will be displayed at each meter.

Parking is currently still free until 1 January 2022.

Last modified: 2021-11-30