Opening Hours Easter 2023


Opening hours for common service and support at BMC during Easter 6/4-10/4. 

All entrances are locked. 

Reception and Room reservation:  
Closes at 12:00 6/4. Exams must be submitted before 5/4. Key-
forms must be submitted before 5/4 so that the key can be picked
up before Easter. 

Access control service:  
Closes at 12:00 6/4. Access-related errands must be received on 
Tuesday (4/4) to be handled before Easter. 

Closes at 13:00 6/4. Autoclaving only at 07:00. 

Technical services and the Goods reception:  
Closes at 14:00 6/4. 
Changes Nitrogen Fillings. Monday 10/4 replaced by Tuesday 11
Nitrogen Tanks must be at the Goods reception at 12:00 on the 
filling day. 

University IT Services at BMC:  
Work hours shortened by 2 hours 6/4. 

Cleaning Services: 
Work hours shortened by 2 hours 6/4. 

BMC Library:  
Unstaffed. Open 05:00-24:00 with Campus card. 

Restaurant Bikupan and the Café:  
6/4 open until 13:00. 

Last modified: 2023-02-27