Staffed waste management / lab shop


During the autumn, the BMC Board has decided to implement the concept of department-close source separation and campus management responsible collection of source separated waste fractions for all departments (see 190522 Board decision) and to close the current recycling rooms in basement D0 starting November 1st.

Instead, the departments are referred to the so-called recycling stations, which can be ordered free of charge and get mounted on site by the department of technical support.
The following departments have so far joined the system: IMBIM all corridors, Neuroscience, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, IGP, Chemistry and MCB.
The departments that choose not to join the concept are referred after November 1 at 24/7 to leave their source-separated waste in the recycling center D0:0 down under the goods reception.
The recycling center in D0:0 will be manned Mon-Fri 09.00-11.00 and 13.00-15.00, where there is the opportunity to ask questions about source separation, biomedical waste, radioactive waste and chemical waste.

The lab shop has been moved to B1:021b/B1:23b and shares the recycling center's staff.
With the department key you can retrieve material as usual but now around the clock every day.

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