Room booking

At BMC, there are common lecture halls, seminar rooms, group rooms, meeting rooms and computer rooms. Consumption of food and drink is not allowed in classrooms. Appropriations for this are on the door to each hall.

When you book a room, you are responsible for the room being left in the same condition as when you arrived and are ready for the next booker. Garbage must be taken out and thrown in the designated recycling bin.

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Bookable rooms and prices 

For employeés

Meeting room Öbrink BMC
Meeting room Öbrink

Booking of individual rooms

The following information is required for us to make a complete booking:

  • Date and between which times you wish to book
    (the date must also be written in the subject e-mail)
  • Contact person
    (name and contact details)
  • The number of people
    (to find the right room size)
  • Type of room
    (group room, lecture hall, computer room, etc.)
  • Project number - for employees
    (nine digits)
  • Invoice information - for external customers
    (name, telephone number, invoice address and possible reference)
  • Reason for booking
    (meeting, seminar, lecture, etc.)

Send your booking requests to
In the case line, the desired date must be entered.
External bookings are only accepted in exceptional cases after approval by the Campus manager.

Bookable hours

When booking a full hour, it is meant that the use of the room is allowed until full time, which means that the subsequent booking thus begins with "a quarter" over.

For scheduling reasons, it is preferable if booking starts at 8:15, 10:15, 13:15 or 15:15.

Bookings starting at 9:15 will be charged from 8:15.


A classroom

Cancellation of rooms must be made no later than 14 days before the event if cost exemption is to apply. If the cancellation is not made as above, you will be charged the cost of the room.

Send your cancellation via e-mail to

Last modified: 2023-01-13