Security Guard at BMC

Surveillance at BMC is performed by the surveillance company SECURITAS. Rounding takes place mainly during non-working hours. External tours take place by car and on foot. Internal rounds are also done with a dog. Rounding is performed throughout the property.

Contact the security company directly at the telephone number below if you need help, e.g. after a lockout or other security issues. When locking out, note that the guard will only help the person in need, if the person in question can present a valid ID document and access card. The guard will also escort the person into the institution and check if he has access. If the security guard finds that the individual is unauthorized, the person in question will be escorted out of BMC immediately.

Securitas can be reached trough the exchange 010-470 10 00. The exchange is staffed around the clock and can always be used for urgent questions. If the center cannot give notice directly, take contact with the supervisor. 

If the department suffers from burglary or theft, it must be reported to the police immediately. Performed by the affected device. Then notify the curator and the university's security department.

Last modified: 2021-05-25