Fire safety strategy

The domestic smoke alarm is triggered automatically by smoke detectors and the automatic sprinkler systems, or manually via call points, the call point and fire alarm is connected directly to the rescue service.
The staff is alerted in the respective corridor by red-painted alarm bells.

In each corridor there are call points for manual alarm in connection with the door sections.
By alarming manually, the alarm can go off before any detector has reacted.

The alarm controls have various safety functions, such as shutting down the central gas system, closing fire cell doors, lifts going to the entrance level, doors with card readers being opened, etc.

To minimize the spread of fire, there are:

  • ​fire doors
  • Fire compartment
  • central gas system
  • Fire-resistant chemical storage is located in level 0 in the C-line
  • The handling of gas cylinders is centralized. This takes place at the goods reception D0: 1

If a fire breaks out
  1. SAVE first those who are in obvious danger.
  2. ALARM the fire service by phone 112 or trough the call point. 
  3. WARN others who are threathened by the fire. Notify the reception 4950
  4. EXTINGUISH the fire if it's possible 
  5. EVACUATE make sure to put yourself and others in safety, according to the evacuation plan. 
Last modified: 2021-05-25