Environment and Safety

We strive for the campus to be safe, secure and sustainable for all employees, students and visitors at BMC.

BMC's environmental work is based on Uppsala University's environment policy.

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The environment and safety work at Uppsala University and BMC affects all employees and all students. Therefore, it is very important how you as an individual act. It is important that everyone is informed about environmental policy, evacuation plan and fire extinguishing equipment.

Goal and actionplan environment 

Safety at BMC:
Fire and evacuation 
Firt aid
Security at BMC
Contact information
Lab-support (gas, alarm for freezers etc.) 

Environment at BMC:
Read more about Uppsala University's general guidlines for waste and evironmental work on The Staff Portal.
Specifically for BMC, you will find information on staff portal's unit area Campus BMC.

Contacts environment and safety at BMC

Director Pontus Aspenström
Intendant Daniel Skogehall
Fire protection Daniel Skogehall / Mikael Olsson
Environment and waste Mikael Olsson
Radiation protect Sviatlana Yahorava
Passengersystem Receptionen
Key manegement  Receptionen
Crisis and distress
  1. Call 112 to reach the ambulance, police, rescue service/fire department, poison information. Also inform the University's emergency number 018-471 25 00.
  2. In the event of a serious incident or need of emergency security assistance, call the Univeristy's emergency number 018-471 25 00.
  3. Meet rescue vehicles - show the way for rescue services and police. 
  4. If necessary, evacuate. 
  5. In the event of chemical spill, block the affected area/corridor/lab. 
  6. Read more at UU pages for crisis 
Last modified: 2023-01-20