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Lockers can't be booked in advance. Students are responsible for storaged items.

The lockers are available in locked rooms in the A-Line floor 0. Lab coats should be stored in lockers when not in the lab. Valuables should be supervised or locked in. 

Padlocks are sold in the BMC reception located in B7:1. If you lose your key, please contact the reception.

During summertime, all lockers must be emptied before dates allocated in locker rooms.

The 1st of July, all lockers must be empty. Those lockers that are still locked with a padlock, will be emptied. Lost and found goods can be picked up at the Unit for Technical Services, located in D5:1. Valuables are after 14 days left to the police.

Discarded or forgotten lab coats will be left to incineration for safety reasons.