Waste definition

 The Swedish Environmental Code (“Miljöbalken”), Chapter 15, section 1.

Waste means any article or substance which the holder discards or intends or is required to discard. 

An object or substance shall be considered to be a by-product rather than waste, if the substance or article 

  1. arose in a manufacturing process where the main objective is not to produce the substance or object; 
  2. can be used directly without any further processing other than the processing that is normal in industrial practice, and 
  3. will continue to be used in a way that is health and environmentally acceptable and which are not contrary to law or regulation. 

A substance or object that is a waste ceases to be waste, if it has been handled in a way that involves recycling and meets requirements in terms of continued use in accordance with regulations issued by virtue of § 9 or 28. Law (2011: 734)."

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