Infectious waste

First see UU about infectious waste.

Like biological agents, infectious wastes are classified into four so-called risk classes 1-4.

  • risk class 1 very common.
  • risk class 2 commonly occurring.
  • risk class 3 occurs only exceptionally.
  • risk class 4 absolutely forbidden to be handled at Uppsala University.

For infectious waste, two sizes of hermetically sealed yellow plastic waste containers with glue edge are used.
Multi-Safe Eco 25 liters och Multi-Safe Eco 50 liters.
The waste containers are normally only approved for risk class 1 and 2 waste.

For infectious waste of risk classes 3, the yellow waste containers must not ever be used without prior conversion of waste to risk class 1. Without special conversion of waste, special ordering of special packaging is required!

Remember it is imperative to first assess the risks as an integral part of the planning of the work.

For routines regarding sorting, classification, packaging, marking, labeling and senders declaration form, please  see the tutorisl section on infectious waste or contact Mikael Olsson.
Delivery certificates can be obtained here.

For more information

  • See the tutorial section on infectious waste.
  • See The Public Health Agency of Sweden on risk classes (Riskklasser, Swedish) och The Swedish Work Environment Authority's provision Smittrisker (AFS 2018:4, Swedish).

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