Metal waste

First see UU about metal waste.

Metal packaging is placed in receptacle in departments own recycling station.
See map.

- Packaging must be well emptied and cleaned.
- Remove all markings and labels in proper way.
- Absolutely forbidden to put anything on the floor.
- Never overfill the vessels.
- If vessel is full - Use different bin.

Packaging labeled with pictograms for 'Acute toxicity' ('The Skull and Crossbone'), 'Hazardous to the environment' ('Fish and tree') or 'Seroius healt hazard' ('Exploding lung') must NOT be recycled but left as chemical waste according to these routines.

Non-punctured gas containers like Fireboy or Primus Camping Cooker must at all times be handled as chemical waste.

See about Packaging.

Other metal waste
Is left to goods reception personell.
Goods reception muste be contacted in advance.

See also FTIABs film about metal packaging (Swe).

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