Biomedical waste - "White label"

Non-specifik label template for infectious and/or chemically contaminated cutting/puncturing waste.

Departmental specifik labels is in the WHITE "inbox" in the lab shop.
An PDF template for self-printing can be ordered from Mikael Olsson.

Combustible waste - "Blue label"

Non-specifik label template for laboratory related non-contaminated combustible faction including non-contaminated cutting/puncturing waste.

Departmental specifik labels is in the BLUE "inbox" in the lab shop.
‚ÄčAn PDF template for self-printing can be ordered from Mikael Olsson.

Chemical waste labels

Name the substances/mixtures according to the IUPAC nomenclature. Abbreviations are okay as long as it is accompanied by the substances' CAS numbers.
Write substance content as well as possible in vol-%. Heavy metals listed in mass-%, and the solution's pH value approximate (± 1 unit).

CMR – substances
Carcinogenic (H350), Mutagenic (H340), toxic to Reproduction (H360)
State the chemical name and hazard statements according to CLP directives.)
If substance occurs in two first tables (’Group A’ and ’Group B’) of Appendix 2 of Provisions of the Swedish Work Environment Authority on “Chemical Hazards in the Working Environment” write name and group, A or B, it belongs to.

Printouts on label: HERMA4398 A4q 105x148mm, 4 pcs/sheet
Printouts on label: Avery LR7165 label, 8 pcs/sheet
Printouts on labels: A5 label, 2 pcs/sheet
För utskrift som A4 label, 1 pcs/sheet

Recycling furniture/waste cupboards

Signs to departments own recycling furniture are available in both Swedish and English.
The recycling signs can be ordered in different formats from the university framework contractor Åtta.45 Tryckeri AB.
The standard size is 50x200 mm but the recommendation is to use a larger size if space permits.

Sign material: DigiLabel PP 57 gram, vit blank, avtagbart adhesive

Ordering - NB! Read the payment and delivery conditions!

  1. Log in to the employee portal Medarbetarportalen by visiting the order page of of business cards. (Change to English]
  2. Push link of order form, You're now on the Uppsala university business card portal. (English - Small globe at right in grey field]
  3. Choose title Other printed matter and signs.
  4. Then choose subtitle Separation of waste.

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