Introduction to Environment & Safety at BMC

To get access to recycling rooms, freezer rooms or chemical storage rooms provided by the campus management, it is mandatory for all members of BMC to accomplish the three steps below.

Step 1 (mandatory)


Step 2 (mandatory)

Only after step 1 you may apply to and attend the “Environmental & Safety tourwhere the focus is at the management of laboratory waste as well as conventional waste but also lab and chemical safety, handling of flammable products and the  support functions of the BMC campus management if so desired.
The Environmental & Safety tour
– Is held fridays or by appointment.
– At 09.30-11.30 approx.
– We gather outside the freezer rooms C8:003b/C8:005b. See
– Takes about 2 hours.
– Maximum of 8 participants.

a) via Doodle page
or by
b) sending a mail to with below table filled in AND stating whether You like the tour in English or Swedish.

First name Last name e-mail Card-number Depart-ment Unit/
Research- group
Desired freezer room#*

*Biomedical waste (BMC-Avfall Frysrum Biomed C8:005b) and/or Animal & Human By-products (BMC-Avfall Frysrum AHBPoRadiac C8:003b). Access to so-called manual card groups can only be given for six months due to decision by the university i.e. You have to apply for new access every six month to the functional address

We are very keen that old members of staff and students attend to the introduction once in a while in order to refresh the knowledges and legislations.

Step 3 (voluntary)

On request I visit Your department where You get the opportunity to get direct customized answers on Your specific issues.

Thanks to the self-study course combined with the tour the participants usually as we say "get more meat on the bones" and know better what questions they need answers to. In a smaller group, it is easier for participants to dare to ask questions and the attention is greater in a smaller group. In short, the quality of information is much higher.

I want to emphasize that I prefer to visit individuals or groups at the department rather than the opposite for discussion on waste management, lab safety/hygiene, fume hood handling/technology, storage and handling of flammable materials, chemical management, health and safety issues and miscellaneous environmental issues.

It has been proven through the years to be easier and be more efficient for me to coming up to the department for discussing on site rather than discuss by phone or email.
It happens almost always that other than the current issues are addressed and resolved directly and often other people takes the opportunity to fill in with their issues while I'm there.
I am very flexible and because I am so to speak "in the house" I will come to the department in a very short notice.

Please spread this information and files to anyone on your institution. 

Yours faithfully

Mikael Olsson

Sidkontroll 2020-03-26