Electrical waste

First see UU about electrical and electronic waste and electronic storage media.

Electrical and electronic waste is left in room D0: 109 after 13:00 on weekdays. See the map.

Always contact BMC's Goods reception in advance if larger quantities or bulky equipment (> 20kg) are to be left.

The equipment shall be placed upon a SJ pallet and only after the clearing by the Goods reception allowed to be transported to the Goods Reception, who will assign appropriate vacant storing space.
SJ pallet can be picked up at the goods reception.

Bulky equipment must be marked with

- The name of the department.
- Name and telephone number of the person leaving the waste.
- The date of discardment of the waste.
- Refrigerators/freezers should always be provided with a certificate of cleaning.

All equipment must be thoroughly thawed, cleaned and emptied of their contents, excluding refrigerants in cooling/freezing equipment and compressors.

Devices with radioactive built-in sources

For devices with built-in radiation sources, radiation safety expert Sviatlana Yahorava must be contacted in advance before leaving the department due to that the radiation sources must be removed before the equipment is sent to the goods reception.

The goods reception personnel are not allowed to accept waste that is not properly marked, leaks fluid, is very dirty or otherwise could damage facilities or personnel.

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