Declaration of biomedical waste Biological waste / ABP & HBP.

Declaration form

The web form is found on this page.

An internal documentation for hazardous waste must allways follow the yellow wate boxes with biomedical waste (infectious waste, puncturing / cutting waste and medical waste) respectively biological waste.
After You have filled the form in and sent it, a mail with Your waste information will be sent to You automatically by the KURT-system. Save that mail at the department for three years.

For infectious waste, legislation requires that the closure of the packaging must be designed so that it cannot be opened and then resealed, without traces.
Because of that please ensure to firmly fasten the lid securely. You should hear a distinct "klick, klick, klick" upon pressure down the lid. Please use the rubber hammer attached in a steel wire to the freezers inner wall.

Please contact Mikael Olsson in case of questions regarding the form.

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