Chemical waste

First see UU about chemical waste.


Chemical waste can be left on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 09:00 to 11:00:

Year 2021

January 13
February 10
March 10
April 14
May 12
June 9
July 14
August 11
September 8
October 13
November 10
December 8

Drop off

The waste is to be delivered personally to Ragnsells chemist in reception room D1:112b at 09:00 to 11:00 on sorting day.
It is absolutely forbidden to put chemicals in or outside waste room without Ragnsells chemist receiving these.
Please leave chemical waste in original packaging. If the chemical is included in a kit leave the full kit including its instructions.

Waste container

- Must resist the content.
- Must be well sealed with its original cap.
- Shall be labeled with a durable, readable and well-filled content declaration. Please see chemical labels below as examples.
- Never label the can "Trash" or "Waste" only. Ragnsells chemist has the right to deny reception.


Enter all the ingredients / mixtures as detailed as possible in volume%.
Heavy metals are listed in mass%.
Enter chemical name according to the current IUPAC nomenclature. Abbreviations are accepted only if the CAS number of each ingredient is written next to the abbreviation on the label.
Enter the pH (± 1 unit).

Carcinogenic, mutagenic and reproductive toxic chemicals - CMR


If the properties of a substance can be classified as carcinogenic (H350), mutagenic (H340), or reprotoxic (H360) it must be specified on the label for the chemical waste with the name and phrase. 

If the chemical waste contains substances subject to special rules of permission appurtenant to the so called carcinogens group A or B, this must be listed in the content declaration label with the text "Cancerogent ämne: Grupp A" and / or "Cancerogent/Sensibiliserande ämne: Grupp B" beside the chemical name of the substance. 
You can find these in the first to tables ("Group A - Substances that are 45 § not be treated" and "Group B - Substances that are 47 § may be handled only by permission of the Work Environment") in "Appendix 1: Substances with a prohibition or authorization requirements" to the provision "AFS 2011: 19 Chemical safety risks".

Transport of chemical waste.

Less than 2 liters quantity can be transported in a so-called bricklayer bucket.
For larger volumes, special trolley with plastic trays is to be used.
Transportation shall always be carried out in the corridor line C, plan 0th.
In exceptional cases use the corridor where there are as few people as possible.

Lift Transports - do this:

• Lock the elevator using Your key in the car. Red light comes on at the cylinder and "Avstängd-lampa" on the outside at the landing doors will lit upp where possible. 
• Load the elevator. 
• Press the button for the desired plane. 
• Exit the elevator. 
• Access stairs to the chosen plan. 
• Unload the elevator. 

Always follow Your own safety procedures for the transport of chemical waste from the department to the reception room.

If departments have special need of extraordinary sorting and removal it must be ordered to the the environmental chemist, Mikael Olsson.

Always consult with environmental chemist Mikael Olsson in any case of uncertainty. 

Labels for chemical waste

Name the substances/mixtures according to the IUPAC nomenclature. Abbreviations are okay as long as it is accompanied by the substances' CAS numbers.
Write substance content as well as possible in vol-%. Heavy metals listed in mass-%, and the solution's pH value approximate (± 1 unit).

CMR – substances
Carcinogenic (H350, H351), Mutagenic (H340), toxic to Reproduction (H360)
State the chemical name and hazard statements according to CLP directives.)
If substance occurs in two first tables (’Group A’ and ’Group B’) of Appendix 2 of Provisions of the Swedish Work Environment Authority on “Chemical Hazards in the Working Environment” write name and group, A or B, it belongs to.

For printing on HERMA4398 A4q 105x148 label, 8 pcs / sheet
For printing on Avery LR7165 label, 8 pcs / sheet
For printing A5 label, 2 pcs / sheet
For printing A4 label, 1 piece / sheet

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