Waste management is based on Uppsala University's central guidelines for waste management with BMC common guidelines as a supplement.

Allways begin search for information on the university homepage about waste.

After that You shall read corresponding section on this page.

NB! New routines as from 1st of November!


Waste issues Mikael Olsson
Radioactive waste issues Sviatlana Yahorava.

In recycling stations and recycling central D0:0 You may leave only:
Glass packaging, paper packaging, metal packaging, plastic packaging, compost, waste paper (blue and white vessels) and combustible waste except laboratory related combustible waste i.e. blue labeled boxes with non-contaminated cutting/puncturing waste that is to be placed upon the conveyer belt in the recycling centre D0:0.
Corrugated cardboard are placed in compactor situated in recycling centre D0:0.

Liquids, laboratory waste or other hazardous waste must not be left in the recycling rooms.

  • Packaging must be emptied and cleaned.
  • Remove any warning labels appropriately.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to put anything on the floor - Anywhere.
  • Never overfill the vessels.
  • Vessel lids must always be possible to shut completely.
  • Is a vessel full you have to go to another recycling room.

All packaging marked with hazard pictograms "Toxic," "Environmentally hazardous" or "Harmful" should always be handled as chemical waste without prior cleaning and with cap tightly closed on.



Harmful (CMR substances)

Access to freezer rooms and chemical storage rooms 

To access, send an email to Mikael Olsson with the desired room number, Your name, card number, department title and subdepartment. Access is only given for six months at a time. No automated message will be sent when access is terminated.

Request access to the MP Group  "Miljö & Säkerhet på BMC" ("Environment & Safety at BMC") by Mikael Olsson and then after approval read:

Packaging and labels for waste handling

Waste container, 1-, 5- and 10-liters transport approved plastic containers, plastic bags/sacks, absorbents and labels can be obtained free of charge from the Technical Service of the D5:107b, weekdays 10:00 to 10:30 and 13:00 to 13:30.

Transportation of chemicals and gases in the BMC

Volumes less than 2 liters can be transported in a so-called mason bucket.
For larger volumes, special trolley with plastic bins should be used.
Transport must take place in the corridor line C, level 0 - See the preferred way of transportation in the picture above.
In exceptional cases, through corridors where as few people as possible are staying.

Elevator Transport

It is not allowed to ride the elevator with chemicals or gases.

  • Lock the elevator with Your key in the car - red signal lamp lights up when cylinder lock and possibly "Turned off light bulb" at the elevator doors.
  • Unload the goods.
  • Select level.
  • Exit the elevator.
  • Walk the stairs to the chosen level.
  • Unload.
  • Unlock the elevator.

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