Research support

Research support is given as part of our department services (e.g. the BASE-project at Linnaeus Centre for Bioinformatics, that also has many external users).

We assist research groups that want to make databases available locally (e.g. the dog genome database) and on the internet (e.g. ChemGPS-NP and Retrotector ). In the mid 90-ies we made a number of literature databases available for researchers at Uppsala University and at the Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences at their desktop computers.

We participate in common bio-computing initiatives, e.g. the 23MSEK proposal that resulted in SweGrid and in the SNIC/KAW proposal for a NextGenSequencing-related resource, UPPNEX, that was granted 16MSEK.

In 1989 the Swedish EMBnet node (European Molecular Biology network node) was established at our department. The node gave bioinformatics services to all universities in the country. Daily updated databases were distributed to local servers at many universities. Bioinformatics courses with teachers from our node were also given at many universities and companies. The node was after some 10 years, at our initiative, moved to the adjacent Linnaeus Centre for Bioinformatics. However, we still participate in the management of the node.