Serenity room

Located in A8:022b, the serenity room is non-religous and made for contemplation and silent prayer. No pressure on acheivement or availability, all phones and noise are banned.
The serenity room at the university is inspired by the meditation room situated in the UN-building, New York.


Prayer room

This is a prayer room open for all beliefs. It is located in A8:014b.
Please respect this by keeping the two compartments free from religious attributes and posters, pray separately and silently.

Rest room

There are two rest rooms to be used at suddenly illness or personal crisis. Both Rest rooms are located in the basement. One located in A9 (A9:014c) and the other in C11 (C11:011c).

The rest rooms are locked. Employees have access to the room with his/hers office- or labkey. Students borrow the key in the BMC Reception. ID cards must be left in deposit.

To indicate that the room is occupied a red light must be lit.