Infectious waste

Infectious waste shall - if possible - always by the department itself be converted to non-infectious as early as possible in the process. Thus, the waste will be classified into risk class 1.
Waste of risk class 2-4 (Swedish)  are more or less never produced at BMC.
BUT if such should happen, in these very rare cases, the normal packaging must not be used, but other types of packaging must be specially ordered!
In this case the waste should never leave the department before this is done!
Normally the department autoclaves the waste.
Se selfstudy course section about infectious waste.

Questions regarding routines for sorting, classification, packaging, marking, labeling and production of the senders declaration of hazardous waste should be addressed to Mikael Olsson.
The form for declaration of hazardous waste can be downloaded here
UU about infectious waste (Swedish).

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