Combustible waste

Two sub-groups

Lab related combustible waste

Non-contaminated disposable materials or non-infectious combustible waste from the laboratory and laboratory glass, porcelain, ceramics, mirrors, window glass, crystal, etc.

-put waste in yellow waste bins with blue cutting/puncturing label.

-departments place the waste bins onto the conveyor belt in D0:005.

Household like waste

-put waste in either of the two waste basket types - little round one in the office or the larger 60 litres square shaped one ususally placed under the lab sink.

-waste is collected by the cleaning staff that pits it in a larger black plasticbag and into one of the roller carriages for combustible waste in one of the basements recycling room. recycling room.

No liquids or moist/wet waste may be compressed, only solid and dry waste.

UU about combustible waste



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