Declaration of biomedical waste and ABP/HBP.

Download the declaration form from here.


BEFORE the PDF form is filled in, it must be saved locally on the computer.
FIRST THEREAFTER it may be opened and filled in.

Important information about declaration of biomedical waste and ABP/HBP!

An internal documentation for hazardous waste must allways follow the yellow wate boxes with biomedical waste (infectious waste, puncturing / cutting waste and medical waste) respectively animal by-products/human by-products (ABP/HBP).

  1. Follow the instructions according to the routine found in the self-study course.

  2. Download the form onto Your computer.

  3. Fill in the form according to the instructions in the PDF-form, especially number 7.

    7*. Choose waste fraction, enter at least two of the major waste components and all organisms and/or the biological agents. See * below.
    * Specify the waste, write major components and all organisms, e.g. E. coli "xyz", pipettes, eppendorf tubes, needles, paracetamol, plasma bags,mice. N.B! Only infectious substances of risk group 1 are allowed in the freezer rooms!Infectious substances of risk groups 2-4 must be destroyed at the site of production!

  4. In the field for e-mail subject please only write:

    “Waste declaration OU-Code (Your occupational unit code) _  Date (of delivery of boxes to freezer room)”
    e.g. Waste declaration 901 _ 190204

  5. Save it on the form e.g. Waste declaration 901_190204 and keep it for three years.

  6. Send the form to the functional address:

  7. If You have printed out the form please put the declaration form in the red mailbox opposite freezer room C8:003b/C8:005b when placing the waste boxes in the prooper freezer room C8:005b respectively C8:003b.

Do You want more support? Find out how on

For infectious waste, legislation requires that the closure of the packaging must be designed so that it cannot be opened and then resealed, without traces.
Because of that please ensure to firmly fasten the lid securely. You should hear a distinct "klick, klick, klick" upon preesure down the lid. Please use the rubber hammer attached to the freezers inner wall in a steel wire.

Please contact Mikael Olsson in case of questions regarding the form.

(I would like to transform above pdf-forms to webforms instead. If anyone now how to do it and kan give me aid, please contact me/Mikael Olsson)

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