Useful information to newcomers

Several main entrance doors and corridor doors are kept locked for security reasons. Documents entitling you to entrance cards, keys and onetime passcode are issued by your department. Keys and cards are then picked up at the BMC reception. Note that this requires proper identification.

When your work at BMC comes to an end, keys and cards must be returned to the BMC reception.

It is not permitted to smoke by the university’s entrances. The ashtrays are located 15 m from the entrances.
Please respect this and smoke at designated areas.

At the BMC parking lots your entrance card entitles you to park at a lower rate, taxa 2.

The phone number to the switchboard is 471 0000. The last four digits is the extension number for Internal phone-calls. To get an outside line you need to first dial 00 and then the number.

Finding your way around BMC is easy since BMC is organised in a coordinate system. For example B7:125a room indicates house B7, 1st floor and 25a is the location on that floor. There are round, grey signs that tell you the name of the house and which floor you are on.

For your convenience you have access to a room for quiet meditation or worship (A8:022b), two rooms for rest in case of sudden illness or personal crisis (A9:014c and C11:011c). There is also a gym (A2:001b), a table-tennis room (B1:003b), sauna and shower (B1:030b (ladies), B1:028b (gents) and B11:029b (mixed)).

Regular events at BMC include the scientific The SciLifeLab The Svedberg Seminar Series (weekly) and the popular science TA seminars, only in swedish.

The following joint functions and services are available at the BMC. For further information please go to the corresponding link on the homepage. For help please contact the people listed below.

Administrative support

To book a room or lecture hall at BMC: lokalbokningen@bmc.uu.se, ext. 4001.

The reception (B7:126b) is open weekdays 08:00-16:30. 1/5-17/6, open 8:00 - 15:00. The reception can help you find your way around BMC, issue entrance cards, keys, onetime passcodes and hand out pre-booked equipment. They sell Uppsala University products. Ext 4950.

Posterservice (B7:1) does colour printing up to poster size, helps with image processing and development and takes photos for Entrance cards. Mona Filing, ext. 4066.

Technical support

The goods reception (D0:1) is open 09:00 – 15:00 and handle incoming and outgoing goods, gas tubes, liquid nitrogen, dry ice etc. Ext. 4049.

The mail-room (C6:024b). Here you find compartments for incoming and outgoing mail.

Technicians/Workshop: Stefan Djurström ext. 4051.

The fume cupboards should be checked every week and any faults should be reported to the research workshop, ext. 4051.

The lab-shop (D5:1) is open weekdays 10:00-10:30 and 13:00-13:30. Here you can collect warning labels, waste containers, tissue, bin bags etc.


Computer Services: (C6:3) Gunnar Herlitz ext. 4050.

Audio/Video equipment: Reception ext 4950, Mats Lundkvist ext. 4048.

Radiation and environment

Radiation Protection: Sviatlana Yahorava, tel 070 - 425 0423.

Waste disposal: Mikael Olsson ext. 4392


BMC-library: (A6:2) chemistry, pharmacy and life sciences. Susanne Ehlin ext. 4086.

Cleaning: lokalvarden@bmc-adm.uu.se, ext. 4025.

Any problems with the house should be reported to Akademiska Hus. If it is an emergency call Akademiska Hus on 018-683204.

The restaurant "Bikupan" and the café, Kaffebaren (A6:1) are open Monday-Thursday 08:30-16:30 and Friday 08:30-15:30. Lunch is served 10:30-14:00. Marlene Brolin ext. 4401.