Posterservice and photostudio

At Posterservice, we offer assistance with various types of image processing. If our own resources are not enough, we have the opportunity to help with the delivery of services. Please contact us for discussion.

  • Posterprinting
  • Digital presentations
  • Scanning
  • Prints
  • Laminations and ThermoBind
  • Illustrations
  • Image editing
  • Photographing photos for the Entrancecard / Campus card

Things to consider before you leave in your Poster for printing

  • Uppsala University has several templates for production of Posters, see page (swedish)
  • Be sure to match the resolution of the images you insert. To cut and paste images poses problems. JPG images should preferably be at least 300-600 dpi. If you use TIFF, try to limit the image size to about 1 MB / image.
    NOTE! Keep the file size down!
  • Make your poster in PowerPoint, Illustrator, Canvas, InDesign or other programs. Always save the document as Adobe PDF. Enter the desired material: ordinary paper, glossy paper or textile/canvas.
  • Leave your posterfile to us on CD, USB memory or send it via e-mail. If you have problems with the image format, you can attach the image file and we can help you insert it on the designated place.
  • Send / leave with an A4 print as a template. Please note the special character and the text font you used.
  • Finally, do not forget to check that your poster have the Page Setup you intended.


Opening times: 9am - 1pm

Contact: Mona/Pierre Filing

Location: B7:106b, se BMC-map at Find your way

Phone: 018-471 40 66