The BMC reception

At the reception we:

  • Issue entrance cards/Campus cards
  • Issue keys
  • Issue onetime passcodes to setup password A
  • Give directions on campus
  • Lend entrance cards to external lecturers
  • Book and lend lecture equipment
  • Handle lost and found
  • Provide basic first aid equipment
  • Examination management

We also sell daily parking tickets, stamps, notepads, Uppsala University products and more.

The BMC reception

See temporary opening hours under messages on BMC's homepage.

Monday -Thursday 8am - 4:30pm

Friday                     8am - 3pm

Location: B7:121a, se BMC-map at Find your way

Phone: 018-471 49 50



I fotostudion kan du som inte laddat upp bild själv till Campuskortet få din bild fotograferad.