is located in house C6 floor 3. We recommend entrance C7:2 for external visitors.


Gunnar Herlitz
IT management, Systems engineer, administrative systems; ext. 4050

Roger Eriksson
Systems administrator Student computers, subscribed services, PC-related issues; phone 070-1679110

Magnus Jansson
Subscribed services (esp. Mac computers), Mac student computers; ext. 4657

Tobias Holm
Systems administrator Subscribed services, Windows deployment; ext. 4499

Jerker Nyberg
Systems administrator Linux-, Unix-, Mac- and network issues,  subscribed services; ext: 4023

Mats Lundkvist
AV Technician, AV-equipment and video conferencing systems in BMCs common rooms

Anders Lövgren
Systems developer Student computers, system development, Linux-, Unix-, web- and PC-questions; ext. 4016

Ulrika Walllin
Computer Coordinator Web editor and Information tel 4044

Peter Öhrt
Systems administrator Subscribed services, student computers; ext. 4037

The IT-department at BMC was established in Sept. 1976 with research support as its basic assignment.